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Marissa Floro
United States
I am a happy petite asian female who is living life always thinking of crazy things and the random. Did I mention I like to smile and laugh? XD Even if laughter is the best medicine, you can still die from it. oh ha ha ha.

I love harp seals, flowers, and outer space. In my free time other than cosplaying I hula hoop, rave and play video games XD duh right?

I wanted to change my name because theres a lot of Marissa’s in the con realm. So I went with my Elvish version of my name, Aeroniel.((arrow kneel: best way to put it)) If you were ever on my myspace before I changed it to Celeste. Now you know what it means. People couldn’t pronounce it right so I quickly decided for a different name.
I used to go by Mai… which is my name but take out r-ssa. But I soon learned… too many people would use this name and it’s way common. And I don’t like using Mia. My family uses Mia for notes, but its uncommon for anyone to use this name for me. Some of my close friends and family use Rissa. I don’t particularly use it often.. but its not its own unique individual alias that I want.

First off I wanted something heavenly like the singer TommyHeavenly6. But I decided to go with something a bit more… not heavenly and thought of Celestial. I didn’t like just the name Celestial.. so I cut it down to Celesté ((Celest EH like the last ee’s in fiancee)). People still didn’t get it right and said Celestê (( Celest ie like beastie)). I decided to cut the last part out and went with simple Celeste. So it stuck.

Now Orchid is a compilation of many things. Btw its ORCHID ((ORC KID not ORC HARD. there’s no ARD in this name how can you mess this up.))

Orchid from Killer Instinct One of my favorite video game gals of all time.
Orchid is the last name of one of my favorite Square characters: Kaldea Orchid.
Orchid is my favorite type of flower. They don’t have a scent but they’re still beautiful to me
Orchid is actually a color. Thats the color font I always use. But doesn’t work with this scheme.

Current Residence: United States
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small// petite
Favourite genre of music: House, Pop, classical and Rock, in that order
Favourite style of art: cross hatching
MP3 player of choice: Sanza
Shell of choice: turtle or egg?
Wallpaper of choice: flowers, abstract, stars, landscapes
Personal Quote: We are all angels with only one wing. The only way we can fly is to hug others.
So I usually do these once  year.  Irony that this one is a bit late.  Probably because I don't remember a lot of 2012.  But this will help people take a look at my life.

I was working at GNC in La Grange as the manager there.  I had my associate Corey working with me.  I started fixing up my costume Shiraume from Air Gear.  To this day I do not have any pictures of it but I did wear it for Ohayocon.  For the masquerade I made 3 outfits and helped make another.  These designs were cut but I forgot to get the girl's sizes.. either way... uh.. got 2nd place for original design.  I found out that one of the judges threw me under the bus and said I made everything in one night.  whatever.  I can't make three dresses in one day.  It just doesn't work like that: props and all.  I had a nice little production assistant job working for Easy Chair Productions working on a GE commercial.  

Was pretty calm for me.  Mainly bill month as in fixing my Nissan Xterra. I did a shoot with Sam a few times and mainly enjoyed my hang out time with my local friends.  Scary video game night was terrifying but Fred and Gabe did most of the work when playing Fatal Frame.  Oh dear Jesus.  If not for watching Kung Pow afterwards I'm pretty sure I would have had more terrifying nightmares.  The only new outfit I made was a deco/decora Japanese street style outfit.  I was pretty burnt out on sewing after Ohayocon.

Middle of March I got a store switch from LaGrange Kentucky to Louisville Kentucky.  So it was closer to home.  The store was fun and my associates were Jeremy and Scott.  The store was a bit smaller but we had a good time.  On a day of my friend Sam and I decided to visit A&G Ohio and the Aquarium to have some fun.  Who can blame us?  Going to the aquarium and A & G Ohio IN COSTUME.  lol  I wore Sam's Stocking wig and did a make shift Stocking cosplay.  This month is when I decided officially that I would move from Kentucky.

I attended Anime Boston with Rachael, Mike, Keith, and Ken.  I met a lot of new people and they helped Godly Team Cosplay win 2nd place Masters with one of the shortest skits ever created.  This event I finished Saya from High School of the Dead (her school uniform) and then I did Angel Panty from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.
Believe it or not this was actually really hard to find.  Like what the hell?  Ha ha  But either way this competition was FIERCE.
I can hardly remember what happened here but I do remember going to Anime Central.  I fixed up my Bad Girl from No More Heroes.  Got some awesome shots with Gackto.  I did not compete at Anime Central. I then worked for Funimation as a Panty cosplayer for the premier of the English Version of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.  I made three new costumes and fixed up one older version.
I found news of one of my childhood friends dying this month by suicide.  I didn't know how to react since I haven't seen him in years.  But I felt like some of my past was just crushed.  Probably destroyed.

This month actually got a bit crazy.  I don't know how I survived.  Let's just first start off with my dog died that month.  I'm still not over it.  My family raised her since she came out of her mother.  I miss her so much.  She will be…
Both of my brother's had a birthday.  Hooray?  I guess.  I went to visit friends in Wisconsin, Cincinatti and Chicago.  All weekends were pretty hectic.  Lots of partying and friends.  I didn't want to forget anyone even if they didn't go to cons.  I wanted to remember my friends.
I landed a commerical gig for a hospital.  I still remember my parents yelling out, "MARISSA! IT'S YOUR COMMERCIAL."  I never got to see my face but at least they did.

June 1st was a weekend in Chicago.  So I'll say I was in Chicago in June.  LOL.  Because that's the facts.
I hired a new employee at GNC.. but then I got a new store shift to a Mall store: Stoneybrook to Oxmoor Mall.  First time I ever had to let an employee leave too... I didn't feel good about it.. no one ever does. I think? I skipped Colossalcon.. for good reasons.  Either way.  I had a busy month switching new stores.
I went to Anime Expo and attended Labrynth of Jareth with my date.  Needless to say I was in California again.  My goal.  I finally made my decision on where I wanted to relocate.. it was between California, Louisiana or Boston.  It was California.
I made a new outfit for Labrynth of Jareth and wore Takagi Saya and Angel Panty to Anime Expo.  I briefly wore around my new fairy outfit to AX.

AX was still happening by the time July hit.. so I was still in California this time around in July.  LOL.  Another crossover month.  I had my first time convention judging at Chiisaicon.  It was an honor and privilege.  XD  Enjoyed it.  Celebrated the Krispy Kreme 75th anniversary.  LOL.  I turned 25 on the 21st.  I was really really going hard this year.  Not saying much but Tony, Bryan and I started at 11pm on the 20th... I was hung over really about until 4pm.. then started LIGHT drinking at my friend's house.  The following weekend I went out to Wisconsin.  Either way.  I got my goodbyes in.
I started shooting photos with Brianna.  Had some really fun ones.

I started exploring more of Louisville.  It was pretty neat.  All the tiny little bars.  I have to say that Holy Grale was one of my favorites.  Just the ambiance and location was the best to me.  I enjoyed their custom brews as well.  If anyone is ever in Louisville, they need to go there.
I attended Sukoshicon: Louisville wearing one of my older costumes: Dion Rogers Rinoa that I made in 2006.  I checked.. yeah.  I won a Judge's Award.  And was super shocked.  I partied with Fred and the 502 crew for their birthdays.  Had a merry time.  I travelled to Columbus for a day to have an amazing shoot with Keith.
Kuya Paul came in town and he was able to join Phillip and I for the zombie walk.  I went to the state fair with Josh.
I started helping out with FiX nightclub: it's a nice dance club.. small for my tastes.

I went to help judge at local convention Aoi Uma Con.  I wore an older costume and a new costume: Witch Rei Ayanami and Shadow Queen Peach.  I had a lot of people recognize Shadow Queen Peach.  I was shocked about that too.  I kinda twisted it to my own design rather than the 2d version.  Finally a new outfit right?  Rachael came to town.  Had fun, shopping and dining out.  I still worked at GNC and helped at FiX.  Bryan and I attended the musical Wicked.  HOLY HELL.  That was.. AMAZING.

This month nearly killed me.  Seriously.  I woke up, worked, eat, sew, sleep.  Repeat.  Or something would be happening.  It was hard to sew so much for Youmacon.  The last con I would attend for all my friends.  Kinda.  I started hanging out with Gabe and Bridget more.  I was leaving in December for sure.  I finished Gabe's trainer red vest, made four Venomania dresses, a new rave outfit for Renji's performance, Goth Sailor Moon, Felicia, my bunny cape, Ayane, and Strawberry. Did two shoots with Sam.  Caught me a new pet.…

I finally got a new phone: Galaxy SIII

Youmacon.  I debuted as much as possible.  Trying to do everything.  AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  Either way... I had a great time. And a good way to say good bye to people.

An apology can not make up for this.  I would rather not have you in my life due to your childish immaturity.  Be an adult and learn from this mistake.  This is my call.

I miss everyone... I stopped working at GNC.  My plans were starting to take action.
I judged at Sugoicon's masquerade with Matt and the wonderful Rachael.  Who else? Made new Reira dress. Judging at my hometown con, made all the difference and helped me move onward.  Feels awesome.  I gotta admit that was awesome.
Rachael and Mike hung out more in Louisville and we had our shenanigans.
Went to Video Games Live with Gabe, Bridget, Maya, Brandon, Bryan and Phillip.  We had some good times.  I think the show has gone down a bit.  Still cool to go.  I dressed up as Ayane.

The first week of December was dedicated to cleaning out all the things I had.  Kuya Paul visited again.  We had some good times.  They will be missed.  I hung out with Shohei, Gabe, Bridget, Phillip, Maya and Brandon for one last time of 2012.  (Psst, I already miss you all but I'll be back in given time)
My Mom made fantastic dinners before I left.  I hung out with the family... My Dad and sister Nikki saw me off.
I started driving to California... the first day of driving was the 11th... I made a quick pit stop in St. Louis for Imo's Pizza for dinner.  Started driving all through Missouri and made it to Somewhere Oklahoma.  12-13 was mainly Texas/Oklahoma to New Mexico where I went to an awesome dinosaur museum and made it to Arizona.  I stayed at a Super 8 motel... rested up.. went to the Grand Canyon, and a Plane museum and finally made it to California and PASSED OUT.
First day there, saw my two Aunties, my two Uncles and cousin.  Next day went to the other cousin's graduation with the clan.  Went to 6 Flags, Universal Studios... got a 2013 pass for a day pass.  Pretty rad... either way.. it was a really busy eventful December.  I enjoyed hanging with my cousins and friends.  Christmas was nice and quiet.. but I couldn't get used to Palm trees and Christmas lights...
New Years... he he.. that was fun.. but that's my year...  What a year.

To all that I've left and going forward... I see my dreams and ambitions.. I am making them a reality this year.  To all those who support me, thank you.  To all those who don't mind my craziness, thank you.  Thank you to everyone.  This was a step moving.  It wasn't to say I hated where I lived, what I did.. I'm selfish.  But for my sake, I want to get somewhere in life.  That somewhere is here in California.

California.. You're going to help culture me to become a diamond... that's 2013.  And it's already happening.  Just watch... your tv

2013... some changes are going to happen
  • Watching: Jackass 2
  • Playing: Mario 3D Land
  • Eating: Halloween Candy
  • Drinking: Juice

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